Fire safety Checklist as per NABH

National Accreditation Board for Hospitals &Healthcare Providers (NABH) has listed the Following Fire Safety Checklist for Hospitals and Clinics in there official website as below :

1. Firefighting equipment like wet riser, hydrants, auto sprinkler, fire alarm system, fire
extinguishers of all types and sizes should be available as per table below (adapted from
NBC 2016).
2. Operational and maintenance plan for firefighting equipment including refilling of
extinguishers.3. Up to date fire drawings to be available. Where applicable, the fire drawings should also
specify the location of fire dampers.
4. Fire detection and smoke detectors exist across all floors. The detectors shall be tested for
functionality at regular intervals, and records maintained.
5. Central fire alarm system is installed at a location which is staffed 24/7.
6. Fire exit plan for each floor. Exit door should be openable and free from any materials which
will obstruct way.
7. Fire Exit signage on all floors well illuminated/ self-glowing, as per NBC guidelines.
8. Emergency illumination system in case power goes.
9. Designated place for assembly of patients and staff in case of fire.
10. Mock fire drill records and schedule of conduct of drills.

Below Listed are the Minimum Fire Fighting Installation in Hospital as per NABH.

More Details can be studied at the Official NABH Website :