STEPS to get NABH Accreditation

NABH Standards Accreditation is now an essential requirement in Health Care System in India. All the Stake holders like Hospital , Clinics, Ayush Hospitals, Blood Bank , Eye Hospitals, Diagnostic Centres, Testing Laboratories are required 

Here is the STEP by Step Process to Get NABH Standard Accreditation in India.
  1. UNDERSTAND NABH : Get the NABH Standards Help Guide / Copy and Read it Thoroughly
  2. SELF ASSESSMENT : carry out a self assessment on the status of compliance with the NABH standards to ensure that the standards are implemented and integrated with the hospital functioning
  3. SELF GAP ANALYSIS + Action Plan : Once the Self Assessment Done, Identify the GAPs and Prepare action Plan to Cover it, by Implementation of Required /Respective NABH Standards .
  4. Submit NABH Application  : - Once Self Assessment Gaps are Covered up , Apply For NABH Assessment For.
  5. Pay NABH Accreditation Fee 
  6. Get Schedule of NABH Assessors Names and Dates
  7. Facilitate NABH Assessment + Get Recommendation on NABH Standards
  8. Get NABH Certification 
  9. Monitor and Manage Quality Control System Continuously